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Many pool installers will charge you a large amount of money for the bare minimum. It becomes the homeowner's responsibility to secure permits, hire an electrician, and purchase concrete. All those extra expenses add up.

At Southern Tropics, we take care of everything so you don't have to! Your contract includes excavation, cost of permits, all electrical work done by a licensed electrician, and all concrete work around the pool. There are no hidden fees, and all our work is done by professionals with years of experience.

We are a Totally Hayward dealer and a Hayward warranty center.

Whatever your dream--from vinyl-lined to fiberglass to gunnite (concrete)--we can build it for you! All pools can be installed with a salt system.

These are just a few pool designs that we can install for you. Don't see something that quite fits the bill? Star Brite Pools will create a custom shape for you. Built to last, Star Brite Pools have not had a structural problem in more than twenty years of business. They are compatible with a variety of terrain and easily customized to fit your needs.

Now introducing San Juan Fiberglass Pools!